Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Gizzi Erskine's Ginger and White Chocolate Cookies

OCD Panic Rating: 1/5
Handwashes: 3

I've not had much opportunity to cook over these last few weeks so I have reverted back to my comfort recipes.  Baking cookies is not a hardship for me and spotting this particular recipe left me in no doubt as to what my blogpost would be about this week.  One of the benefits of working in a library is having access to a world of amazing cookbooks, and Gizzi's recipe jumped out at me not just because it sounded scrumptious but also due to the recipe's apparent simplicity.  Freshly-baked cookies in just twenty minutes?  Hells yeah!

I put the recipe to the test yesterday morning when I was in an exceptionally good mood.  I mention this for two reasons.  First, I tend to have more control over my OCD when I'm happy.  Second, it can also make me more relaxed about measurements and method, so there is always a greater likelihood of mistakes being made.  And mess.  Lots of mess.

I had to mash together the butter and sugar first.  This was excellent exercise as I'd neglected to soften the butter before I started.  Oh well.  Then it was just a case of adding the other ingredients.  I fluffed the ginger completely.  The powdered ginger missed the spoon entirely so I have no idea how much ended up in the bowl.  I also used stem ginger in syrup rather than the dried stuff, resulting in a stickier dough than was perhaps intended.  It was one of the firmest doughs I've ever used.  I practically had to insert each chunk of chocolate by hand.  Gizzi suggested mixing with a wooden spoon but I found that impossible.  I had to mix by hand (thus the slightly higher number of handwashes than normal for a cookie mix) but successfully produced the requisite number of dough balls ready to go in the oven.

Because of the firmness of the dough and the size of the balls, I didn't think ten minutes would be a long enough cooking time.  However, they had the required golden tinge and looked cookie-shaped:

The cookies have a slightly gooey inside and a strong gingery flavour, so I can't have done too badly with the ingredients.  I managed to save some for today and they have firmed up overnight nicely, a crunchy outside but a slight chew on the inside.  Great texture, great taste, and pretty easy to make.

Key points:

  • Softening the butter saves on arm pain later on.
  • It takes an infinite amount of will power to keep any of these for later.
Win rating: 5/5

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