Friday, 3 April 2015

Food challenge completed!

I always admitted that it was a modest challenge but I'll also admit that it was nice to see it through.  There was definitely a physical and psychological benefit to eating a homecooked meal each evening.  I ate out last night for the first time in about ten days and definitely felt more bloated afterwards.  Might mean a sea-change in how I view food treats from now on.

Here's a breakdown of what I ate:

Monday: Pork escalope – one of my personal favourites but not much of a success this time.  Guessing that the oil wasn't hot enough when the breaded pork was added so it soaked up the oil rather than becoming crispy.  Ended up being a bit soggy.  The meat was still tasty but it didn't have the satisfying crunch that I love.

Tuesday: Beef madras – I made this.  Review to come later. Spoiler alert: it was good.

Wednesday: Chipotle chicken – Back to husband cooking.  He flattened the chicken to make it cook quicker and coated it in a chipotle rub, which is the bee's knees.  Had it with broccoli and couscous and it was excellent. 

Trofie pasta macro.jpg
Trofie pasta
Thursday: Pesto pasta – We may have stretched the rules a little bit today as we ended up having a lunch out together, meaning we only needed a small meal in the evening.  Husband threw together pasta and pesto, using the yummy trofie pasta to give it a bit of bite.  Simple but effective.

Friday: Chicken bhuna – Thanks, OCD, for guaranteeing that everything I eat over the next few days will fill me with fear.  My husband isn't the most hygiene-minded in the kitchen so now EVERYTHING is covered with raw chicken, at least as far as my mind is concerned.  He also used the green chopping board for cutting the raw chicken, which is clearly not what the GREEN-COLOURED VEGETABLE CHOPPING BOARD is for.  I do actually hold him responsible for some of my forthcoming crazy because of this, but I am aware that I am probably overreacting a little (a lot) about the whole thing.  The bhuna itself was ok but I had premonitions of what was going to happen with the chicken and it made me prematurely sad.  The thought that I've challenged myself to cook chicken in December is really freaking me out now.

Saturday: Tilapia and prawns in spicy butter sauce – How good does this sound, right?  It's one of those dishes that sounds posh and difficult but barely takes any time to put together.  It's another special from Gizzi Erskine but we were forced to replace the plaice (replaice?) with tilapia, which is a tasty white fish that I've only previously encountered in curries.  It was delightful and fresh.  I'd had an horrendous day at work and was mentally prepared to give in and buy pizza but I'm so glad I didn't.  Mental health note: while it might feel like binge-eating some junk is going to make you feel better, it almost certainly won't.

Sunday: Bacon and clam pasta – This one's a Hairy Bikers' recipe.  The saltiness of the clams and bacon is complemented by some fresh parsley.  It doesn't have any egg or cream but the clam juice coats the pasta to keep it from feeling too dry.  Generally a favourite with me but there was half a garden's worth of parsley on mine, which started to completely overwhelm the flavour and affect the texture.

I'm glad that we managed to complete this mini-challenge.  I feel like I've eaten better this week because of it, although I've still been snacking much more than I should do.  I've a shocking inability to turn down sweet treats.  I'm blaming work stress but it may well just be a lack of food discipline. 

It's also been nice to know that I've not been spending quite so much on food as I was previously.  At the very least, I've not felt as guilty when I have eaten out at lunchtime or had a piece of cake.  That can only be a good thing as food guilt can be quite debilitating at its worst.  By generally eating well, I've taken the pressure off myself a little bit for when I can't (or just don't).  A useful lesson learnt.

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