Thursday, 23 April 2015

I've lost three blobs!

I lost three of these.  Gross, huh?
Three pounds, that is.  Not bad for a week which involved a Wetherspoon's brunch burger.  After a week of good eating, it was delightful, but my body appreciated the following day's salad.

How did I lose three pounds so quickly, I hear you cry. Diet and exercise.  Sorry.  It was always going to be a dull answer.  More specifically, I followed the Hairy Bikers' fast-track meal plan (making a couple of substitutions here and there), which allows up to 1200 calories a day, and tried to exercise four days out of the seven.  I did ok.

Admittedly, I did feel a bit ropey for the first few days.  There is an inevitable dip in energy when you first move onto a lower calorie diet (after all, the body needs to adapt) and I think I really felt the loss of high-sugar snacks.  It seemed unlikely that I would ever have the energy to exercise as well as diet.  Yet, by Saturday, I was confident in taking on my first spin class.  I didn't do great (my thighs went all wobbly and I had to modify the routine to prevent complete leg failure) but I did manage to keep going for the 45 minutes.  I can see this becoming a more regular part of my exercise regimen.

The most interesting aspect of the week was how I almost didn't want to eat badly on my designated cheat days.  I gave myself a free pass over the weekend as I was going to be out and about.  Frankly, I didn't want to spoil my good time with calorie counting.  But I found that I didn't want the really high-calorie, high-fat food that I used to crave.  I felt well satisfied after a slice of cake but had no desire to have more sugar.  On the Sunday, I had the super naughty burger and onion rings for lunch and really enjoyed it, but that was all that I ended up eating for the rest of the day and I felt keen to have a healthy salad the next lunchtime.  It feels like I've retrained my body within just one week, allowing myself to enjoy naughty foods as treats rather than as emotional crutches.  Was I eating before to satisfy hunger or because of boredom or stress, or even just habit?  It's a question worth asking next time you're elbow deep in the cookie jar.

I'm not stupid enough to think that I have all of the answers after one week.  Losing weight gets harder as you go along and I'm unlikely to get another big loss on the scales this week, particularly as I have another cheat weekend on the cards (working Saturday and Sunday with gigs both evenings – bad food is gonna happen).  But if I can use what I've learnt so far to keep my calorie input down during the week, I can enjoy my weekend guilt-free.

So, as of Monday 20th April, I weigh 12 stone 2 (77.1 kg).  Yay!

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