Sunday, 19 April 2015

The OCD Dieter

I know, I know.  Dieting's a mug's game.  It won't be any fun.  I'll only put it back on once I've finished.  I might even put on more.  Gah.

Dieting is not something I've ever got on board with.  However, I need to face facts.  Right now, I'm the closest to fat that I've ever been.  BMI-wise, I'm hovering on the line between healthy and overweight.  Being tall means that I carry my weight quite well – my friends often say that I look slim – but I know I've put on a lot of extra pounds so far this year.  A high-stress ICT project will do that to you.  I want to get rid of some of it, and that's going to mean some kind of change to my diet.

Hairy Bikers Diet ClubMy main problem is that I really do enjoy food and there is no doubt that diet choices can be uninspiring.  With that in mind, I've actually taken the plunge and paid for a diet club: the Hairy Bikers' Diet Club.  I've spoken before about my love of the Hairy Bikers and how effective I find their recipes.  With this diet, I can eat their tasty food and explore a range of new recipes too.  This week, I've already had a tangy beef fillet, barbecue chicken and marinated lamb.  They have been sparser meals than I'm used to, but still full of flavour and satisfying as an evening dinner.

The program pushes the importance of exercise according to fitness levels, and there is an online diary in which to record calorie input versus output.  It even breaks down the nutritional information, which is useful considering how calorie restriction can result in sidelining important vitamins and minerals.  It feels like a good way to keep myself accountable for my eating.  At the very least, I should be more thoughtful about what I'm making and eating.

I've also put some wiggle room into my personal program.  This weekend, for instance, I'm going to be attending a wrestling show and it would be a downer for me to be chewing salad beforehand.  So Saturday is a cheat day.  I'll exercise in the morning (my first spin class, God help me) to give me some calorie leeway but if I want a burger or a slice of cake, so be it.  Factoring in a cheat day has also helped keep me on the straight and narrow this week.  Knowing I can relax a little in a few days makes it easier to turn down dessert the rest of the time.

I really feel like I've made a positive start but I need to keep myself focused.  My husband wouldn't notice if I put on or lost a couple of stone, so I guess I'll turn to the Internet for support.  Weekly online weigh-ins should do the trick.

On that basis, as of April 13th 2015, I weighed 12 stone 5 (about 78.5 kg).

Mondays will be weigh-in days and I shall post a quick update during the week to pass on the good or bad news as I go.  I'll still be cooking, eating and reviewing as normal, but let's see if I can do it all a bit more mindfully.  And let's see if a weekend of naughty eating can undo a week of good behaviour...

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