Monday, 27 April 2015

Weigh-in day...

It'd be fair to say that I've not taken the best care of my body this week.  Five days at work, one job interview, and two gigs have combined to ensure that I've been too busy to worry so much about food, and a weekend away certainly did not help.  I also almost broke my kneecap on a concrete step, curtailing my movement somewhat, so my exercise and step count suffered too.

All in all, I'm not expecting another 3lb weight loss today.  I was good during the week though.  I never had more than 1200 calories and I was active throughout, but it was a pretty crazy weekend.  Thankfully, it's definitely getting easier to eat out on a diet.  More menus are either including a calorie count or have a set of 'lighter' options.  Some people grumble about this - it spoils the fun of eating out, or you should prepare your own food if you're worried about your health, blah - but their lives are obviously more organised and better managed than my own.  What's the problem with giving people information about what they're eating?  For me this weekend, it was the difference between me going over my calorie budget by a couple of hundred calories, rather than an extra thousand.  

Felicity Cloake's perfect puttanesca
Felicity Cloake's puttanesca (from The Guardian)
When I was eating well, the highlight was probably the Hairy Bikers' spicy pork mince (which I ate for two nights in a row), although I'll give a special mention to their pasta puttanesca (review to come - for now, find more about the delicious dish here).  Using olives, capers and anchovies to flavour the tomato base gives a lovely salty taste that also works as a great topping for pizza.  The sauce freezes really well, so it's a great bulk recipe.  

I still haven't made it home yet so I'm probably going to weigh myself before lunch.  They say you should weigh yourself at the same time each week but, again, my life never seems arranged for that kind of regularity.  If I'm down to 12 stone 1, I'll be happy.  It'll be a great springboard to get me under 12 stone next week.


Right, I've weighed in.  Hilariously, I've lost 4 pounds!  I can only think that it's thanks to going back to my usual work duties (trust me, working in a library does not allow for much sitting down).  I also must have been more careful with my food and exercise than I'd realised.  I don't see any difference yet, despite having lost half a stone, but I do feel better.  The focus of this week of the diet plan is to increase exercise, so perhaps greater attention to toning up will make the difference.

So, as of Monday 27th April, I weigh 11 stone 12 (75.3 kg).

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