Friday, 22 May 2015

Asda's Classic Teabread

This is something I cooked a while back, reviewed and promptly forgot about.  As I'm not supposed to be having cake right now (note: I did not say that I'm not having cake), it might be cruel to make myself relive this yumminess but it was a pretty good recipe.  Enjoy.

OCD Panic Rating: 1/5
Handwashes: 3

After my foray into the world of meat, I went back to the basics for my cooking this week.  My crazy work schedule has made it harder for me to ignore my sweet tooth (yeah, I'm a stress eater) so I thought a fruit-based teabread might be a slightly less guilty pleasure than my usual snack fare.  The Asda magazine had a section on teabreads and the classic recipe had an attractive mix of apricots, sultanas and sunflower seeds to make it a 'healthy' cake choice.  So I made it, like.

As with most teabreads, it's a remarkably easy recipe to follow.  Took a few handwashes due to use of the rubbing-in method (combining butter and sugar with your fingers to form a breadcrumb texture)  but the rest of it was nice and simple.  The texture was wetter than I'd hoped.  I either added too much milk or using skimmed milk instead of semi-skimmed maybe made it too watery.  It certainly took longer to cook than it was meant to and, when it was ready, the top of the cake had a weird cracked finish that I've never seen before.  It did look kinda like teabread though:

Other food photos look like this, right?

So not exactly a looker although it was more attractive once cut into.  There's a lot of fruit in the recipe so there was a lovely thick spread of it all the way through the loaf.  Despite the longer cooking time, the fruit kept it moist, as well as providing a strong sweet flavour.  There's not a massive amount of sugar compared to many cake recipes, so the dried fruit added a natural sweetness without making it feel like a diabetic nightmare.

Normally, a teabread seems to last a solid week but I started to find this quite dry after only a couple of days.  I'm blaming this on the milk faux pas again.  Next time, I shall either put the milk in correctly or just eat the damned thing quicker.  

Key Points:
  • Use the right milk or, at least, the right amount.
  • Cake is still cake.  It might contain fruit and claim to be bread, but my body is not impressed and THE SCALES WILL KNOW!

Win Rating: 3/5

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