Monday, 11 May 2015

I've lost a stone!


I'm genuinely thrilled, especially as I'm starting to see the physical benefits as well as feel them.  After three weeks, the scales were saying that I had lost weight but I wasn't seeing any sign of it in the mirror.  Now, there is a definite flattening of my pot belly and my belt has had to be tightened a notch or two (and not just because the Tories are still in power...).

What has made me most pleased this week is that I've achieved the 2-pound weight loss despite a less-than-virtuous week of food.  I was still quite poorly in the first couple of days, so I was unable to exercise or restrict my calories too heavily.  Midweek, I was on a hectic work schedule, meaning I was getting my 10,000 steps in easily enough but was having to grab food when I had chance.  As for the weekend, I was working, watching wrestling and, erm, indulging a bit.  There was one of the best hot dogs I've ever had and there was also a crafty Snickers at one point.  I guess I should be grateful that I don't drink!

Remember when Toadie was really fat?
The difference to my old habits, though, was that I was aware of these naughty treats and made an effort to eat a bit better around them.  Had to grab breakfast on the go?  Ok, just make sure that we have a sensible dinner.  Couldn't resist that slice of cake?  Looks like I'll be on the stationary bike when I watch Neighbours then.  It's not rocket science, but this mindfulness about food and exercise is so important.

I've only got a couple of weeks left on the Fast Track diet, so I'm hoping to lose another 4-5 pounds before moving onto the less rigid 1500 calorie program.  I picked up a diet cookbook which seems packed with amazing low-cal recipes when I was out this weekend, so it should be a tasty week.

Right then, as of 11 May 2015, I weigh 11 stone 5 (72.1 kgs).

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