Friday, 29 May 2015

My must-have diet cookbook!

I mentioned before that I've been quite reliant on the Hairy Bikers' diet books since starting to lose weight.  This isn't a problem – their recipes are delicious, low-cal and always work – but as a committed lover of cookery books, I can't help my wandering eye.  On a recent trip to Wolverhampton to see the wrestling at Fight Club: Pro, I slipped into The Works and came across this:

'Takeaway Favourites' - Justine Pattison

Like all cookbook aficionados, I was initially won over by the photos, but it also helped that there is a calorie count at the top of each page.  Chilli beef stir-fry for under 250 calories?  Don't mind if I do.

If your diet has ever been scuppered by a love of takeaway food or just finding diet food dull, I cannot recommend this book enough.  In the past couple of weeks, we've had katsu curry, ginger chicken with udon noodles, stifado and sticky miso salmon, to name just a few.  The genius of the recipes is that they prioritise flavour without being overly difficult, often just requiring the meat to be marinaded to get the maximum bang for your buck.  You might need to splash out on miso paste or oyster sauce, but the results speak for themselves and there are multiple recipes for each ingredient so you don't have to worry so much about waste.

There are other books in the series that I want to check out.  These aren't just recipes for when you're trying to drop weight so I can see myself returning to them regularly even when I've reached my ideal size.  My husband has been in charge of cooking recently but I think I'll have a go at the Caribbean lamb curry myself.  I need to get back into the kitchen and I also want to properly test out the quality of the recipes.  Based on what I've enjoyed so far, I'm really not worried.

As for my next foray into the world of cookery books, anyone know any good ones about low-cal baking?!

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