Friday, 8 May 2015

Warburtons Quick Pizza

OCD Panic Rating: 2/5
Handwashes: 2

Having relied on the Hairy Bikers for the past few weeks (with admittedly great results), I decided to branch out and try a few different things.  This is actually a recipe based on a serving suggestion on the back of a packet of Warburtons' White Easy Roll Wraps.  As a pizza fanatic, I've had some serious withdrawal symptoms on this diet, so the promise of a low-cal pizza was irresistible.

Unsurprisingly, it is the simplest recipe in the world.  Take a wrap, put some pizza toppings on it, bake and eat.  Even I can do that!  I utilised some of the leftover puttanesca ingredients, spreading a thin layer of passata on the wrap then adding some chilli and capers.  I freaked myself out by adding a sprinkling of chestnut mushroom (the handwashes), as I couldn't decide whether ten minutes would be long enough to bake them safely,  Turns out you can eat them raw.  The more you know.

A meagre sprinkling of low-fat cheese and the pizza was ready for the oven.  Being on such a thin base, it didn't need more than a few minutes and it came out looking like this:

Looks like pizza, that!

Obviously, you're not getting the deep soft base of a deep-dish pizza, but the base works well if you prefer the traditional Italian thin style.  With a side of salad, it only came in at about 250 calories and felt like a treat.

I will amend my choice of toppings in future though.  Mushrooms and capers are great pizza toppings, but perhaps not so much together.  As for the chilli... I love heat but this was heavily misjudged.  A whole long red chilli, seeds and all, only seems to get bloody hotter with baking, and it practically blew my head off.  My lips felt swollen and weird all day, and my husband thought it was hilarious.  Unacceptable.

User error aside, the premise here is great and this quick pizza makes a fantastic lunch choice, diet or otherwise.  Good times.

Key Points:

  • Know your mushrooms.  I'd have been much happier if I'd known they were edible from the start.
  • Judge your chillies wisely.  Or have milk nearby.  Your call.

Win Rating: 5/5 for the idea; 3/5 for the execution.

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