Monday, 4 May 2015

Weigh-in time...

So far on this diet, I've absolutely smashed my own expectations.  Half a stone lost in a fortnight?  Get outta here!  This week, as if to remind me that pride cometh before a fall, the worst diet spoiler occurred: I got sick.

Sickness is always a difficult obstacle to navigate around.  Appetite goes all over the place; you can be constantly tired but unable to sleep; even standing up can be a problem.  For a dieter, these problems are even more pronounced.  Can I really stick to 1200 calories when I feel this weak?  What do I do about my exercise plan?  At first, I tried to adhere to the program.  I wasn't puking or pooping everywhere so it didn't seem like a bad idea.

After two days, I felt so much worse.

Change of plan then.  Exercise was off the table for a start.  As for food, my body clearly needed fuel to fight off this bug so I had to relax my calorie restriction.  I didn't go too overboard (well, not compared to how much I could've done.  Poorly me really wants cookies) but I went back up to about 2000 calories a day.  As a result, I started to feel immediately better.

Not great for the diet though, so I have mixed feelings about weighing in this week.  I'm expecting to have stayed about level, although a pound or two over/under is certainly possible.  Sickness makes it impossible to judge.  If I have lost more, it's more to do with being unwell than any effort on my part.  If I've stayed the same or gained, well, I'd rather that than still feeling super crappy.  Either way, this bug has thrown a real spanner in the works, and it feels like I'm going to need a serious mental reset to get back on track,

Enough prevaricating.  What's the damage?




Ok then.

As of Monday 3 May, I weigh 11 stone 7 (73 kg).


Maybe my scales are broken...

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