Monday, 8 June 2015

Another week, another pound lost

I know I seem to be claiming more bad food days than good at the moment but the weight still keeps dropping off.

As of Monday June 8th, I weigh 11 stone 1 (70.3 kg).

According to my food diary, I've eaten pretty much exactly the same number of calories as I have burnt, so the weight loss comes, once again, from the unfortunate source of being ill.  Honestly, aside from working in a school or hospital, there can't be many places worse than a public library for the spread of illness, particularly with the kind of building mine is housed in.  A gastric bug has been doing the rounds, really hitting a few of my colleagues.  Thankfully, I seem to have a milder version, where food is passing through me incredibly quickly but without as much of the fever and pain.  I had 24 hours where it was really bad, but it's been more of an inconvenience otherwise.

Aside from that, my week has gone how I expected.  I've done a decent amount of resistance work, which is building up my muscle and increasing my metabolism.  I'm cooking for one for a week which has meant more naughty meals out, but I'm on holiday from work and consider it a reasonable expense, both financially and, um, calorifically.

This week could be a struggle.  A couple of days away from home and a trip to the BBC Good Food Show.  I'll be doing well to break even.  I'm so much happier with how I look and feel (aside from the gastric bug, obvs) that I can cope with a couple of naughty weeks.  I know that it won't be difficult for me to get back on track.

Under 11 stone by the end of June?  That's my new goal.  It would have been unthinkable at the start of the year yet seems such a modest target now.  It really doesn't have to take much to change.

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