Monday, 22 June 2015

Moderation is boring...but effective

I've been pretty good this week.  Good step count, reasonable gym time and, crucially, plenty of calories saved each day.  Has it worked?

As of 22 June 2015, I weigh 11 stone 1 (70.3 kg).

It was only ever going to be a minor change, but this loss of two pounds puts me back to where I was before I gained last week.  Gotta be happy with that and it's certainly a step back in the right direction.  I'm much more comfortable with my weight now so I don't particularly want to lose more than 1-2 pounds in a week.  It just makes it too easy to put it back on.

Things I'm pleased with: 1) discovering boiled eggs with asparagus for breakfast; 2) a 1600-calorie limit still factors in enough room for occasional cake; 3) more home cooking.

Things I'm less pleased with: 1) the sugar cravings have come back with a vengeance; 2) the 1600-calorie limit actually makes it difficult to build up much of a calorie deficit; 3) you have to exercise waaay long to burn anything off.

The Leggera Sloppy Giuseppe
The Leggera Sloppy Giuseppe
Ultimately, there's no novelty to being on a diet anymore and it's getting hard work so I'm moaning.  Apologies - it really is pathetic.

I'll end on a positive though.  I had to attend a work lunch at a Pizza Express restaurant and thought that I was inevitably going to blow my diet for the day.  Turns out that their leggera options are great for eating out guilt-free.  I had a leggera Sloppy Giuseppe, which is the Sloppy Giuseppe topping on a thin base with a hole in the centre filled with salad.  Factor in a tasty raspberry sorbet for about 100 calories and I came away having eaten two courses for about 650 calories max.  The service was appallingly slow, for the sake of honesty, but it's worth a look if you want to eat out less sinfully.

I've got plenty of time to drop the two pounds needed to get properly under 11 stone.  I've had to be a bit of a food bore to get back to this point but I'm definitely back on track.

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