Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Operation Move House is complete!

It was one bloody long weekend but early indications suggest that the stress was worth it.  We like the new flat and the area it's in, and we have started the process of working out which pub will be our new local, which cafe will be our lunchtime go-to, and which of the myriad supermarkets would be our chosen location for 'the big shop'.  This latter choice was made much simpler by the news that the massive Tesco will shut in August.  Looks like I'm going to be a Morrisons gal from now on.

As explained last week, I've not been calorie-counting during this process.  It's just another thing to be thinking about.  However, while unpacking the scales I did take the opportunity to see the damage, and was relieved to see that I'm still just over 11 stone.  In some ways this isn't surprising – I have moved the entire contents of my flat out of one building, into a van, out of said van, and into another building this weekend – but I can't say that I've been eating great meals.  Where I can, I've tried to take the less calorific options on offer.  This sounds noble but in reality it's the difference between choosing a full English breakfast and choosing a vegetarian breakfast: it might sound healthier but there's still a lot of fried food going on.

I'd written off the first few days after the move for similar reasons.  The kitchen still had to be cleaned, the utensils unpacked and washed, and the food shop done, so it seemed reasonable to limit cooking responsibilities to heating a pizza and opening a bag of salad.  I'm planning the first proper food shop tomorrow, and the priority is getting the stuff together for solid home cooking.  I want to eat a healthy meal in the evening, but also to have some easy meals to throw together for lunch and some fruit or something for snacking.  Decaf tea is another priority as I'm starting to get the symptoms of caffeine overdose.

There's also the small matter of gym membership to consider.  I haven't decided whether to fork out for a new one or if I should try to get back into my running routine.  Either way, that needs to be looked at pretty sharpish, particularly as I no longer have large boxes to heave around.

It seems sensible to start weighing myself again next Monday.  That gives me a week to get over the post-move hangover (I've never been so tired in my life) and to have worked out the little kitchen-y things like how the new cooker works (electric hobs are a nuisance) and what do to with my seven half-finished pots of cumin (combine and conquer, I think).  It'll almost be a luxury to have nothing more strenuous to think about than how many calories I've shoved in my piehole.

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