Tuesday, 29 September 2015

My GBBO Challenge #8: Mokatines

Paul went home. Sad.  But his mokatines were rubbish.  I can do better than that with a full recipe, can't I?  Can't I?

OCD Panic Rating: 2/5 
Handwashes: Standard

Definitely a tricky technical challenge, but I liked the look of the coffee-flavoured mokatines made on this week's episode.  I'm not normally a dainty cook, nor one that goes in for pretty things, so it seemed like a great way to challenge myself.  Especially after the 'tennis' part of my tennis cake was abandoned last week.

It really was a tasty fruit cake though.

This recipe calls for a genoise sponge, made without fat but with the eggs whisked to give lift to the cake.  I do have an electric whisk but it's a bit of an OCD hazard for me.  It's 'unclean', for reasons that I can't even remember now, so I decided to cut that whole misery out by whisking by hand.


In order to have any chance of making a successful genoise, the mixture must be doubled in size before you add the flour, and the flour must be added with care.  Knock out too much air and you're going to have a flat sponge.

Of course, I knocked all the air out of what was an already-under-whipped mixture.  After baking, this was my light and airy genoise sponge:

I knew it was going wrong, but I have never made such a bizarre looking sponge. The fact that it didn't rise is one thing; why it is a bobbly mess is a mystery to me.

Time to reassess.  There was no way I was going to be able to cut this through horizontally to spread buttercream through the middle.  The only way I could think to make it look a bit more presentable was to use coffee-flavoured icing on the top, then stick the chopped hazelnuts onto that icing.  It might not look like a mokatine but it would have the associated flavours.

Once complete, one of my ready-to-eat mokatines looked like this:

It's not even a proper square!  You can see from this that the sponge is closer to a thick pancake than a sponge, but the icing/hazelnut combo at least makes it look edible.  It tastes pretty nothingy.  I thought I could use coffee from the pot to flavour the icing but it doesn't have a strong enough taste to give the icing that hit of coffee.  The hazelnuts take away from the weird sponge texture and add some flavour, which is good.  I had a piece and decided to leave it to my husband.  He's eating it but I think it's out of proximity rather than real enjoyment.

Last week, I teased David Baddiel about his tennis cake and it backfired:  

The same has been true with Paul and his mokatines.  I shall be more careful with my mockery in future.

Key Points:
  • A bit of icing can only rescue a bake fail so far.
Win Rating: 2/5.  It's not in the bin, so there's that.

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