Thursday, 12 November 2015's Lemon Curd Cake

OCD Panic Rating: 1/5
Handwashes: 2

Eggs occupy the number 4 position on my list of horror foods, but this is something I have largely managed to overcome.  By doing the GBBO Bakealong, I've been forced to try some recipes way out of my usual baking comfort zone, and it has done wonders for my confidence.  I now trust that eggs aren't going to give me salmonella just through touching something else in my fridge, and I'm (slightly) less worried that I'm going to crack a dead chick into my cake mixture.

To celebrate this, and to use up some rapidly aging lemon curd, I found this yummy recipe from  Like so many loaf cake recipes, it just requires ingredients to be combined and baked.  I creamed the butter and sugar together, added the flour and wet ingredients, then poured it into a lined loaf tin.  I was slightly disappointed to see that it was only about half full, but I figured that it would probably rise in the oven.

It did!  Well, a bit.  However, it was still well below the top of the tin, making it look a bit sad.  The smell was great though, especially when the lemony topping was poured over.  After cooling and slicing, it looked like this:

As you can see, it does seem a bit squashed but it has a good crumb on it and feels lovely and moist thanks to the curd and icing.  The taste, unsurprisingly, is very lemony.  I'm not a massive fan of lemon curd – I usually find it an unpleasant mix of too sweet and too tart – but it works brilliantly in a cake.  However, because of the way it has barely risen, this won't take over from my favourite lemon drizzle recipes.  If you want to use up some lemon curd or do some really simple baking with a small child, you could definitely do a lot worse than this recipe though.

Key Points:

  • I lined my tin very badly, with bits sticking out and weird folds, and the cake moulded itself to every bloody one of them.  If you want a more attractive cake, you might want to get the scissors out.
  • The recipe can also be adapted easily to make cupcakes.  Based on how little the cake rose, I would suggest filling the cases quite generously.

Win Rating: 4/5.  Looks a bit off but has a lovely flavour.

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